Steps on How to Buy a Home -step 4

Pre-Qualification and Pre-Approval Pre-qualification is a general look at what you can afford, not a true approval or analysis of your buying capabilities. Agents in some parts of the US are accustomed to pre-qualifying buyers for home loans.

In other areas, the specifics of the qualification process are between you and your lender, but the agent will likely want to be assured that you can indeed purchase a home in the price range you are looking at. Your agent should be able to provide you with a list of lenders in your area.

It's nearly always a good idea to get pre-approved before you shop for a house, and that can only be done by a lender or a mortgage broker working with a lender. Pre-approval means the lender has verified that you can indeed purchase a home loan in a specific price range. It doesn't mean any loan of that amount will be approved since other factors come into play during the home buying process. For example,

Lenders usually require that the home appraises for the amount of the sale or the amount of the loan.

Some loans may be denied if there are structural problems with the home. Lenders vs. Mortgage Brokers

Lenders provide the funds used to pay the seller at closing. Banks are a common example of lenders that individuals deal with.

Mortgage brokers shop around to find a lender who will make the loan. Mortgage brokers typically deal with banks, individuals, and groups of investors. Truth In Lending Act

The Federal Government requires that lenders give you specific information about the costs associated with a loan so that you understand the costs and to allow you to make comparisons. You will receive some disclosures when you apply for a loan and others before the loan closes.

Disclosures include

The amount being financed and the annual percentage rate. Any points or fees associated with the loan. Your due date and terms. Whether or not the loan is assumable. Service fees and prepayment penalties.

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